Driftwood Meadows
Contact: Desarie and Daniel Brown
Address: 269 County Road 412 Centerville, TX, 75833
Phone: 979-255-0671
About Us
We are Farmers Dez and Daniel. We are committed to providing the finest pasture raised eggs and meat. At Driftwood Meadows we have turned back time on the farm and gone back to nurturing our land and animals with sustainable farming practices.
Our animal management and planned grazing have a positive impact on our soil and carbon sequestration. Our multi species farm animals work in tandem to fertilize, control pests, and turn over fresh soil resulting in carbon rich earth without the need for chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

Our chickens live 24/7 on pasture from the time they are three weeks old (when it is safe for them to be on pasture.) This is not true for 99% of the chickens raised in the USA!