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Canticle Farm
Contact: Heather and Jim Cable
Address: 10434 FM 1377 Blue Ridge, TX, 75424
Phone: 214-460-5028
About Us
Canticle Farm is located in far North/East Collin County. We believe in using sustainable, environmentally friendly practices to grow our produce and raise our livestock. Our goat milk soap is scratch-made on the farm with a formulation we developed. Our raw ingredients are responsibly-sourced, from the RSPO palm oil to the milk from our dairy goats. We also use only essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance oils as well as oxide and mica colorants to be as natural as possible and still give customers a wide range of designs and fragrance choices, along with 100% recycled paper packaging.
We pride ourselves on sustainability, only organically-acceptable practices are used on our farm.