Contact: Ashley Rock
Address: 3839 McKinney Ave, Ste 155-706 Dallas, TX, 75204
Phone: 847-848-5004
About Us
Great Tasting Drink Mixer - We offer intense, unique flavor combinations that create an amazing tasting cocktail recipe. You will taste the difference and thank us for “keeping it real”.
"Jam" Packed with Goodness - Barmalade® is concentrated, which simply means our products are mostly fruit. We didn’t add a bunch of water to make you think you got more product than you actually did. You get exactly what you paid for. You’re welcome.
100% All Natural - That’s right. No dyes. No food colorings. No artificial flavors. No chemical preservatives. Just 100% natural cocktail mixer with fruit, herbs and vegetables.
Gluten-Free - There’s no need to add wheat, rye, barley or triticale, so, yep, all our flavors are gluten-free, making it the perfect drink mixer for any cocktail recipe.
Long Shelf Life - Unlike all other drink mixers on the market, all Barmalade® products have a 30-day opened, refrigerated shelf life.