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Chef Nikky
Address: 11617 North Central Expwy ste 135 Dallas, TX, 75243
Phone: 214-683-2564
About Us

Chef Nikky Phinyawatana is first and foremost a multicultural mother, wife, traveler, and Asian Mint Restaurant Group Founder. My expertise is the ability to connect with people and feed their souls through food, culture, and travel. Multiculturalism greatly influences my life and my work. I see things differently having been raised in Thailand and in the United States, specifically Texas. My background gives me a different perspective, in life and in my restaurants. I've put that all together in a unique and fresh way that feels very authentic to who I am. I believe this creates a broader multicultural appeal to a lot of different people. They desire to be adventurous by exploring and experiencing something different while, at the same time, feeling the familiarity of home. My creations are both authentic and NEW.

I have cultivated the art of engaging and expanding the interests of others and now offer experiences that include cooking experiences, insights into traveling and cultural exploration, culinary retreats to Southeast Asia, a YouTube series "Thai Takeover" on her channel CHEF NIKKY that has over 50+ recipes that shows you how to make easy and yummy Asian flavors dishes in your own kitchen and items you most likely already have in your pantry and fridge.

In 2020, Nikky was featured in a special edition of D Magazine that celebrated the most influential leaders in North Texas. She was listed among the Top 500 leaders that are driving the North Texas economy and making it a vibrant place to work and live. Her virtual “Escape to Thailand” was featured in Crave DFW as she created the opportunity for those who love food and culture to explore both from the safety of their homes. 2020 also included the launch of her new line of Thai cooking sauces
We have sauces that are gluten free, all natural, and vegan that meets every needs. Please select what feeds your soul!