Chubby Dog Farm
Contact: Calvin and Karyn Medders
Address: 2693 County Road 413 Centerville, , 75833
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About Us
Chubby Dog Farm is a small, beyond organic farm in deep east Texas, striving for a sustainable lifestyle. We raise mangalitsa crossed pigs, as well as red wattles, Berkshire, and herefords for a leaner pig. We feel strongly about incorporating heritage breed animals into our farm to help sustain their numbers, as well as accessing some of the old world flavors enjoyed by our grandparents. The pork from these heritage breed pigs is prized by some of the best restaurants worldwide for its flavor and healthier fats compared to commercial pork products. Our aim is to care for our food from conception to table, feeling morally justified in eating every day, as well as improving the flavor for us and our customers.
Our pigs forage on acreage of lush, east Texas forest with no hormones or antibiotics ever. Then their diets are supplemented with a non-GMO and non-soy custom feed, as well as leftover goodness from our clean diets and non-certified organic farm produce, which makes for a delicious flavor in the pork. As a small farm, we have had the luxury of not having to ear tag our pigs, and we do not dock tails or clip their teeth. We do, however, castrate the males when very young, as the hormones will affect the flavor of the pork as they mature. We periodically custom finish pigs on various nuts or fruits, as they readily accept the flavors during their last few weeks.