Soap Hope
Address: 600 Data Drive #150 Plano, TX, 75075
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Phone: 512-970-2028
About Us
Soap Hope supports organizations that promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community. This can happen in a variety of ways. We believe the biggest impact towards inclusion is providing rewarding supported employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

The disabilities community deserves the same right to equality in employment opportunities as any other group. We believe increasing employment opportunities and improving community engagement of people with disabilities are civil rights.

Hiring a person with a disability is like dropping a boulder in a pond. Major ripple effects are felt in every direction - colleagues benefit, the company benefits, and the community benefits.

Soap Hope provides support to organizations who train, place, and support people with disabilities in community employment. Every time you shop with us, you support these organizations, too.
At Soap Hope we care about what we put in and on our bodies and what we give our families. We know that with all the choices for "natural products" it can be difficult to sort through what ingredients are acceptable. That's why we have created our own simple-to-follow rating system for all the products in our store, for you. Every product at Soap Hope is rated Good, Better, or Best. We inspect every single ingredient in every single product to determine that product's rating. If all the ingredients are Best, the product is Best. Anything that isn't at least Good is something we won't use - or sell. You'll never find a paraben, petroleum derivative, artificial flavor, artificial color, or anything else that doesn't meet the Soap Hope Good, Better, Best standards.