Full Quiver Farms
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Address: PO Box 676 Melissa, TX, 75454
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Phone: 469-288-5221
About Us
Over twenty years ago, Michael and Debbie Sams pulled into the property now known as Full Quiver Farms. Only a true entrepreneur could see potential in the empty 64-acre lot in the small community of Styx, Texas.

Over the years, our operation has seen many changes. The biggest one took place in 2002 when we took the leap of faith and cut ties with the commercial dairy industry; going all-in on cheesemaking. Little did we know that this risky, crazy move turned out to be the greatest decision we could have made and would ultimately save the farm, as milk prices continued to decline.

Mike and Debbie have always put the customer above all else and over the years have grown to be loved and respected by each of our wonderful, supportive customers.

The legacy lives on at Full Quiver as the second generation takes over. Mike and Debbie's son, Josh recently purchased the business, allowing them a comfortable retirement. Josh and his wife Shauni now take on the huge responsibility of running the farm and have added many new enterprises to the farm, such as pastured chicken, eggs, and daily rotational grazing for all the animals on the farm.

We look forward to making long, meaningful relationships with all our food-loving supporters.

For the passion of food, good farming, healing, and good stewardship of the land.

--The FullQuiver Family
All of our artisan cheeses are 100% unpasteurized raw milk cheeses, making them creamier, richer, better for your gut, and more nutritious. We only use 100% whole milk straight from the cows that we raise on our farm. All of our cheeses are 100% farm produced locally in Kemp, Texas. They are also extremely fresh. We pull our cheeses from our artisan cheese cave weekly to meet demand, so your cheese is freshly pulled from aging for the best quality and flavor.
Our cows are all free-range, grass-fed, and humanely raised on a responsible farm run and owned by conscientious farmers and owners who genuinely care about our animals, our community, and every single one of our customers.

We raise Jersey cows, Holsteins, and Mixes that are treated right and kept healthy according to the highest standards. We don’t separate our mothers from their babies to increase milk production, over-graze the land, limit our cow’s space, or participate in other big-farm practices that we don’t agree with.

We are state-inspected monthly and proudly hold our Grade A Fresh Milk License. We hope you enjoy our cheeses and we hope they become part of your family’s weekly diet.