Jersey Girls Milk Co
Contact: Tory, Brady and Leah Cortney
Address: 5326 E. FM 852 Winnsboro, TX, 75494
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Phone: 903-237-9535
About Us
Here is a story written by the Coppell Farmers Market when they visited our farm:
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Farm Practices:
We milk Jersey(and a few Jersey-cross) cows because of their quality of milk ,their efficiency, and our fondness of the breed.
Our cows are pastured year round. They are confined only long enough for their 2 daily milkings(about 2 hours average- total)
Heifers and cows are NEVER given growth(rBGH) or milk(rBST) enhancing hormones.
Cows are given approximately 2 months "off' prior to calving for "R&R" before their next lactation.
Cows ration is approximately 85% forage(grass, silage, and dry hay) and 15% feed grain.(grain is not non-GMO)
Milk from cows treated with antibiotics(rarely) is withheld from sale until the antibiotic residue in the milk is at an undetectable level (1/2 or less than FDA allowable limits)
Product Practices:
For off farm fluid milk sales we use low temperature"batch" pasteurization, causing MUCH less heat damage to the milk-we try to never exceed 147 degrees Fahrenheit.
Our milk is UN-homogenized, thus the nice cream line you see at the top of it.
AII products except cottage cheese are made with whole Jersey milk(winter of 2018-2019 butterfat average 5.45%)
ALL Jersey Girls products are sold with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee