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Cheffy's Originals
Contact: Mark Morrow
Address: 12112 Jereme Trail Frisco, TX, 75035
About Us
Chef Mark Morrow's culinary journey began in sunny California from the hills of Laguna to San Francisco until he relocated to Dallas, TX back in 1992. It was then that "Cheffy" became one of Dallas' most popular Executive Chefs with his start at Mi Piaci. Consistency is key with Chef Mark and that is why he had such a successful business of over 24 years with MY House Catering.
From farming over 2,000 herbs on the rooftop, brining barrels of olives, curing meats to pulling fresh pasta in the front window for his guests, Chef Mark always went above and beyond to keep things authentic and real in the kitchen! It was not long before starting his own business which led to the creation of his own spices and rubs for his array of authentic menus from Mexican food to Italian and across the globe.