ELiA Eco Clean
Address: 5581 Linhurst Ct Fairview, TX, 75059
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Phone: 248-227-7486
About Us
Is there a better way?
ELiA Eco Clean is the brainchild of one of Fairview’s most established house cleaning companies. Over the years our fantastic cleaning team noticed that many off-the-shelf cleaning supplies are not always effective and contain many ingredients that aren’t exactly safe for your home and our environment. This includes many products labeled Green. So in 2019 we started a laboratory (in our kitchen) to find a better way. ELiA Eco Clean is the result of that project. We love these cleaners, our cleaning team loves them and we know you will too. A better way to clean.
Plant based ingredients, all natural, effective, safe for your family, your pets, your home and our environment.