Fort Daisy Project
Contact: Jeulet Noyes
Address: 3605 Carroll Way Garland, TX, 75041
Email Address:
Phone: 972-814-0706
About Us
The Fort Daisy Project is a "work in progress" renovation of a nearly one hundred year old East Texas farmhouse that has become our vision for a sustainable simple living and work place. We are funding the project ourselves from the ground up by creating newly designated income from our pleasures turned productive. We have the potential of being a centerpiece to both the farming and creative community already on and surrounding the land. There are sheep, horses, chickens, bees, blackberries, a flower farm and big dogs already overseeing the undertakings of bringing land and lodging back to life. The men are superior craftsmen and have a small working saw mill. The woman are soap makers and bakers and seamstresses. On weekend mornings we serve up a multi family breakfast. In the evenings we make conversation and good music. Whatever we produce, it is like art to us. We love being neighbors and we love what we do.
We work hard and we enjoy the fruits of each others labor. We recycle, reclaim and repurpose wood and materials that are worked into whatever we are building and landscaping. Our products for sale are made from organic, earth friendly and chemical free ingredients and we attempt the same natural approach to our packaging so that you can do likewise. We incorporate as much "locally grown" everything into all that we produce. We have begun to grow and extend planting of our own organic herbs and flowers for fragrance, color, oils and edibles.
We are the originators and owners of "Panting Deer Soap Co", "Facing The Future" (Organic chemical free face care, tinctures and botanicals) and of "Fannie's 19th Century Baking Co" (sweets and baked goods from the 1800's) which have been freely distributed to many a weary, appreciative soldier or sutler at various East Texas Historical reenactments... Our main practice: We make it a habit to try to put smiles on people's faces.