Love That Gluten Free
Address: 22 Hillcrest Cir Lucas, TX, 75002
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Phone: 972-567-7663
About Us
ALL goods are baked in a DEDICATED GLUTEN FREE kitchen!!

ALL baked goods are baked/cooled/wrapped air tight and frozen immediately. This is how we ensure freshness. If you receive items that are still frozen or partially frozen or completely thawed, you may either leave them out to eat within several hours or place them while still enclosed in vacuum sealed bag (or other containers) in a "ziploc type freezer quality bag" and place back in the freezer with confidence knowing that they are vacuum sealed and air tight. Once opened, please keep air tight for freshness. Breads are suggested to store airtight in fridge or freezer.
*Items stay freshest if you keep out only what you will eat in two or three days. Store the rest in airtight/freezer bags in freezer.

No preservatives are used in production or ingredients. Real Pure butter and dairy products (unless specified dairy free), farm fresh eggs (as available), name-brand chocolate and chips as needed (dairy free/soy free/sugar free chips available upon request), pure full strength vanilla and other extracts as needed, organic carrots etc. as specified, fresh walnuts or pecans, and our special blend of GF flours are our tradition!